Saturday, April 6, 2013

Besh Baking Sesh

I'm back guys! As if naman namiss niyo ako. Chos!
So a month ago my besh Adrianne came over to my place and we we're supposed to just hang out, watch movies and be lazy together until we had this brilliant idea that we should bake some cookies! As most of you know Adrianne is my besh and my stylist but he is actually an AMAZING baker. I got some great tips from him while we had our little baking session, like instead of using an electric mixer (tamad much?) if you want to have soft cookies you should mix it with a spatula instead so thats exactly what we did and infairness naman ang sarap ng cookies namin. Yes, f na f ko. We actually had a little competition to see who was the best baker and hands down, panalo ako. Echos lang mas magaling talaga si Adrianne. Love you besh!!


Using a pastry bag for our cookies (labo right)

Adding the chips separately to look pretty

Baking time
We even made them in our names! Vain much haha!

For those who wanna try it out heres the recipe that we used!

Have a sweet weekend!