Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm back biiiiizzzzitttchez

Hello! Hi. Heeeey.. Ciao. Musta brad?

I don't know how to start this blog post, so I'll just word vomit.
First things first. Anyareh sakin? Anyareh sa blog ko? I started this blog promising myself that I would NOT abandon it, and thats exactly what I did, but in my defense it was because I forgot my password, how stupid of me right? Anyways I have absolutely nothing to do today so I have decided to get some things done. 1. I'm updating my iPhone so I have to rely on my laptop right now which leads to number 2. I have yet again stumbled on my ~forgotten~ blog. So hello there dear readers (if I have any) here I am again, but this time I will give you an update on my beautiful, crazy life.

For the past few months that I have been gone, I have done nothing but worked and can I just say I am simply HAPPY. I love my job, I love everything about it, even all the bad press and hate that I sometimes get, I have learned to love it, maybe now I have realised that it is part of the job (even though it shouldn't be) I have simply learned to accept it. Maybe because I have finally realised that I am NOT the only artist in the world who gets hate comments, I guess I was being a bit too sensitive about it all. I'm not saying I'm insensitive now, but I'm just better than I was 2-3 years ago. Now, I have learned to keep my mouth shut about certain things, I have learned to just be civil and honestly make the whole situation fun. Before when someone would call me names, I would cry, now when they call me names it makes me a tad bit stronger. When people would call me fat/ugly I would eat and stay up all night sulking, now I eat healthier and workout instead. Instead of sulking and making myself feel bad, what I do is, I turn all the negativity into something positive. I use it to my advantage, I turn it all around. #WORDVOMIT1

The only thing I don't like about my job is that its quite hard to go to school. Oh baka isipin niyo ang arte-arte mo naman, kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw magdadahilan. Thats seriously not the case, I was supposed to go to school this term, I'm an incoming sophomore pa naman, bye FROSHIE me. But ang pangit talaga ng schedule this term!!! I can only get Tuesday and Thursday schedule since I work MWF. Pero anyareh 2 subjects lang ang available? Huhuhu so nanghinayang ako, cause hello aminin naman natin Benilde is so expensive. So I talked to Megan and my mom about it and they were all just like "k, just go to work first, and go to school next term" casual lang diba? Hahahahaha! But no, I miss school. I was so excited pa naman because I was finally going to be able to take up my majors! As most of you know I love to cook and sakto my course is BS-HRIM majoring in Culinary and this was finally my chance to experience that! Oh well papel, next term nalang.

Right now I'm doing a project on GMA-7, called Mundo Mo'y Akin I play Darlene Carbonel, isang mayaman na girlaloo who is actually very very very very nice but the only reason why she is driven to be the psycho, mean girl that she is now is simply because all she wants is the love and attention that she feels like she hasn't been getting from her family and now ex- Jerome. I enjoy playing this character so much, especially since its my first time to be a "kontrabida" in a teleserye. There are so many things that I could do with her, so many endless possibilities and so many angles that I could explore! I'm also really loving the fact that the audience does understand her, I've been getting tweets like "Darlene is so annoying but you can't help but feel "awa" towards her"! Because thats exactly the point! Infairness you guys get it ha. *clap clap*

So thats my #WORDVOMIT segment guys. I really missed blogging, well its more like an open diary what I just did. I'm not as interesting as you all think I am, I'm just a girl who loves her family and friends, likes movies and going out, pandas and music, I want to travel the world. I'm like any other person, the only difference is you see me on TV. #feelingsikat

I like to joke around too.



  1. Nice one lauren, atleast youre getting matured with your biz. My family is kapamilya, but I try to sneak in to see your show. <3

  2. I really admire your blog Lo :)

  3. Please make a fun and interesting entries. Hint: ask for Saab's or Megan's advice on blogging 101.

  4. I love this blog, lauren. everything makes sense. I love the way you portray Darlene Carbonel. I really feel "awa" about your character. Kahit kaasar na mga ginagawa mo lol.. can't help but empathize with darlene kasi may hugot talaga ng emotion. You are an excellent listener and giver as an actor..i love your latest confrontation scenes with jerome and giselle and lola charito..the fleeting expressions from shock,anger,slip of your tongue, surprise, holding back, and then to your acknowledgment of a little restraint lest your secret be known to your lola and everything would be gone! Ang husay! I really love it! Congrats!

  5. Hi Lo! Im a Kapamilya but when Mundo mo'y akin is up i change channel!! hahaha