Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One afternoon I got bored and I ended up at my friend Saab's apartment. We suddenly had this bright idea to make a video! It started off as #firstworldproblems but then it ended up this way and we don't know how exactly! Hahaha anyways enjoy!

I would honestly like to think that I am not a bad actress, this is just me being a total gago hahaha but after this post I'm actually going to my first set of acting workshops with GMA. I love workshops, most artists find them nakakatamad but I'm always eager to learn something new and add new techniques to my acting ~skillllzz~!

And I got some really awesome news!!!!!

Last year I did an Indie film called "Catnip" with Maxene Magalona, it was directed by Kevin Dayrit and it's going to be shown in the New York Asian Film Festival along with another short film that I did called Vesuvius with was directed by Erik Matti! This is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me, in my showbiz career.

Catnip follows the story of two friends with coffee and cream personalities: Liv (as in live) and Cieca (means blind).

Liv lives with her two apathetic siblings, an emotionally devoid mother, and an obsessive compulsive, bipolar, and practically psychotic father. She is an introvert at home, constraining her true personality because everything she does is wrong due to overblown parental ego. Whenever shes not at home, she has this live-fast-die-young attitude, enjoying life while she can. She enjoys the company of her friend Cieca since she can be herself in front of her and be loved for who she is despite her rough attitude. She practically abuses Cieca as her daily dose of pain reliever.

Cieca is a silent, bored girl who views life as repetitive and fleeting. She has a loud mind, often talks to herself while scrutinizing her surroundings, predicting things before they happen since everything in her eyes is a cliché. Her mother died when she was young and lived alone ever since. Her father sends her excessive money for living expenses to cover up for not being there for her. Cieca found the perfect company with Liv. She is amused by Livs avant garde-esque unpredictability and sees her as something new, something to look forward to, and values her as a friend.

Vesuvius by Erik Matti

I really hope one day I could be one of those artists that have contributed something wonderful and worthwhile to this industry. Yes, sometimes it is flawed but we have so many talented writers, directors and actors out there. Help uplift this industry and support Philippine Cinema! 



  1. This is just like Saab's blog entry. Quit blogging. Ok sana mga first entries mo but now.. Meh. Make it fun and interesting please.

  2. Magkakaroon ba ng dvd/cd ang catnip? i really want to watch it :( =D

  3. congrats ms.darlene for your two films:) you're such a good actress! believe me, believe your fans:)

  4. Panalo Lauren! Super love the video! Hahaha! Since ABS days mo I'm a fan. Panalo talaga yung video! Ang cute ni Joey! :> Gawa pa kayo ni Saab!!! :D